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Greta Garbo said

“There is no one who would have me…I can’t cook.”

Well, I don’t cook meat so we know where this is going. I’m so full of beautiful summer veggies I got at the Hamilton Park Farmers market today. Next time I’ll use polenta, but this is my year of bad carbs (and it shows!) so I made a summer squash primavera with angel hair and fresh grated cheese.
Any how- I moved, hence my delay in blogging. No fears dears, I never forgot about you. Moved from the ghetto fab to the fancy neighborhood of Hamilton Park….fancy in it’s own way;

Belmar Man drives 50 miles to pleasure himself publicly in front of Grandma, IDed by piercing

but hey, that guy’s from Belmar (where I lived before I moved back to JC, coincidentally) and there’s a reason they’re called Belmartians. *sighs*
Funny comments below article, naturally.

So, here’s some pics that will make you gain weight just looking at them.

Pretty Summer colors

Pierogies the other night, with Portobellos ~

Always room for dessert ~

Besides increasing my dress size, lots of fun things going on as always. The awesome M&F of MF Gallery are taking my painting to Genoa, Italy for a show there in September @ MF Genoa. I hope to join them for the opening 😉 Here’s a pic from an opening of Frank’s at Live Fast, NYC last weekend, go buy a Monster Head!
Martina, Frank, artist Gary Gilmore

and some pix from Martina’s rooftop BBQ. Poor thing, the view is horrible 🙂

Opening day @ Hamilton park after 1 year renovations ~

Ironically, I feel that Alexander Hamilton is popular this year, where as Lincoln was the man for the past few years, and I just moved away from Lincoln Park. Yes, my thinking is strange but it was confirmed by a Cracker Jack toy. This is Ike @ the Hamilton Park dog run, realizing this yorkie is an impostor and not one of his friends like Louie or Hercules.

My lovely flower boxes I planted in front of my apartment, really enjoying them~

And my fattie goldfish really digging his orange!

So, now that all is almost right again in my little world, next on to painting!!! (and maybe even the gym!)


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