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it’s really snowing outdoors

just like on my WordPress page. Happy holidays!

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The concrete jungle

doesn’t always seem that way. Photos taken 8/15/10 in Jersey City. There’s a pic of flying monkeys at the end because 1) flying monkeys are cool 2) they are inspiring me right now for some new paintings I’ll be doing soon for a solo show in February. More later, loves…


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Greta Garbo said

“There is no one who would have me…I can’t cook.”

Well, I don’t cook meat so we know where this is going. I’m so full of beautiful summer veggies I got at the Hamilton Park Farmers market today. Next time I’ll use polenta, but this is my year of bad carbs (and it shows!) so I made a summer squash primavera with angel hair and fresh grated cheese.
Any how- I moved, hence my delay in blogging. No fears dears, I never forgot about you. Moved from the ghetto fab to the fancy neighborhood of Hamilton Park….fancy in it’s own way;

Belmar Man drives 50 miles to pleasure himself publicly in front of Grandma, IDed by piercing

but hey, that guy’s from Belmar (where I lived before I moved back to JC, coincidentally) and there’s a reason they’re called Belmartians. *sighs*
Funny comments below article, naturally.

So, here’s some pics that will make you gain weight just looking at them.

Pretty Summer colors

Pierogies the other night, with Portobellos ~

Always room for dessert ~

Besides increasing my dress size, lots of fun things going on as always. The awesome M&F of MF Gallery are taking my painting to Genoa, Italy for a show there in September @ MF Genoa. I hope to join them for the opening 😉 Here’s a pic from an opening of Frank’s at Live Fast, NYC last weekend, go buy a Monster Head!
Martina, Frank, artist Gary Gilmore

and some pix from Martina’s rooftop BBQ. Poor thing, the view is horrible 🙂

Opening day @ Hamilton park after 1 year renovations ~

Ironically, I feel that Alexander Hamilton is popular this year, where as Lincoln was the man for the past few years, and I just moved away from Lincoln Park. Yes, my thinking is strange but it was confirmed by a Cracker Jack toy. This is Ike @ the Hamilton Park dog run, realizing this yorkie is an impostor and not one of his friends like Louie or Hercules.

My lovely flower boxes I planted in front of my apartment, really enjoying them~

And my fattie goldfish really digging his orange!

So, now that all is almost right again in my little world, next on to painting!!! (and maybe even the gym!)


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My dog Ike responding to watching the Video of Joey the puppy in TX ;)

Click thumbnail for video of crazy crazy dog;



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Midnight online shoe shopping….

It’s a very bad habit I’ve developed. I’m not even very good at it, and return things often. I can’t help myself though…all the pretty shoes are calling me.

Tonight a pair of boots from, by 80%20 shoes. The red was so nice, the color’s called ‘wine.’  80%20 is also a really fun brand, can’t wait to see them.  Hunting for summer shoes still….grrr.

There’s a whole Bermuda triangle of shopping around w 4st st. From west to L’Occitane  across the park to Irregular Choice shoes, a girl could get lost for days. My latest, favorite restaurant is over there too, Red Bamboo, so very good. Looking forward to summertime in the city…if the boots work out Spring will be a little rosier as well.

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